2017 has been quite a year for Facebook, with tons of innovation. So.. we decided to see exactly what happened in 2017 with Facebook.


  • Facebook add stories to the timeline.
  • Video is prioritised based on completion rate, so if you watch all or most of a video, Facebook will show you similar videos on your news feed.



  • Videos will automatically play with sound on.


  • Reactions will weigh more than ‘likes’, Facebook learnt that reacting to a post was a strong indicator that the post was more interesting to the user than if they just gave it a ‘like’.
  • Facebook stories becomes available on the Facebook app.


  • Links to low quality sites will be constricted. Facebook says a low quality site is one “containing little substantive content, and that is covered in disruptive, shocking or malicious ads.


  • Spammy links to be demoted, Facebook says spammy links “tend to include low quality content such as clickbait, sensationalism, and misinformation.”


  • Facebook added the ‘explore’ feed.


  • Web pages with faster loading times will be prioritised in the news feed.
  • Trending news available on mobile app.


  • Using Facebook’s Oculus or their Spaces VR hangouts users can create 3D digital objects and share them to the News Feed.


  • Engagement Bait’ posts demoted on news feed.

Facebook have recently rolled out an update to the news feed that will change the way the pages push engagement for reach.

Facebook will be cracking down on all engagement bait pages and posts, we’ve all seen the ‘tag a mate’ or ‘Like if you’re an Aries’ posts filling up our news feeds and Facebook is now looking to stop this.

They will be targeting posts that engage users into taking actions like tagging, liking, commenting or sharing which makes Facebook’s algorithm prioritise these types of posts. With whole pages dedicated to things like ‘tag a mate’ we will be seeing a lot of changes coming.

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